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La Cantinella sul Mare

La Cantinella sul Mare was born out of an idea of ​​the Riccardi brothers.

Since the beginning, it has distinguished itself by becoming one of the best restaurants in the Gulf of Policastro and positioning itself among the best 12 restaurants to eat raw  seafood between Bacoli and Sapri… 

Fourteen years later La Cantinella sul Mare has become a meeting place for gourmets thanks to Lorenza’s skills and the choice of Cilento excellences as ingredients. 

Mario is very able to offer a wide range of wines.

Palazzo Gentilcore

Superbly positioned above the seaside town of Santa Maria di Castellabate and the fishing village of San Marco, stands on peaceful historic village of Castellabate, UNESCO World Heritage Site, with its winding cobbled streets, the 12th century castle, the Basilica
and the unspoiled panoramic views of the coast and the valleys below.

Overlooking the Gulf of Salerno, from its terraces you can see the famous island of Capri and the fabulous Amalfi coast.

Castello Macchiaroli

The Macchiaroli Castle, built in the Norman era belonged to the Sanseverino princes and the scene of great historical events, after a complex restoration work, today it becomes the ideal place for receptions, events, cultural initiatives, conferences and major events.

The magic of its majesty, the extraordinary panorama of its towers, the
paths of war and its dungeons are the backdrop for your event.