Ispani & Cilento

The village is located on a hill in the charming Gulf of Policastro.
In the heart of the village you will find a magical maze of alleys by the main square, providing you with a beautiful showcase of their medieval origins.

A little further upstream you will find the San Cristoforo area of our village with its spectacular panoramic views. Upon descending on the coast you will enounter the seaside town of Capitello.

Immersed in the greenery of the Cilento National Park and just three kilometres away from the sea, Ispani offers an experience of relaxation halfway between the sky and the earth…and even the sea!


Ancient land, land of myths and legends, land that saw the passage of Palinuro, Aeneas’ helmsman, and the vision of Kamaraton then again the encounter of Ulysses with Leucosia, all this is the Cilento’s authentic treasure, divided between beautiful mountains and a coast that alternates fine sandy beaches, cliffs, headlands and caves dug into the rock and still art, archaeology, gastronomy, oenology…

For its beautiful and unspoiled nature, since 1991 the Cilento has become a protected natural oasis and called Cilento National Park and in 1998 was included in the World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The richness of the territory is completed by an excellent traditional gastronomy in which the true roots of the mediterranean diet is recognized, by World Heritage Site of UNESCO since 2010, a golden historical unforgettable lifetime experience not to be missed…